Comic 79 - Murder on the appetite

14th Apr 2018, 11:55 PM in Emea's problem
Murder on the appetite
Neive: You're cooped up in there with a GOBLIN?
Yawzha: It's OK. It turns out that captivity is murder on the appetite.
Finbar: Neive, those goblins have caught people from all over the forest! There's something wrong with them and they've started using this weird metal...
Neive: What about this metal?
Andy (off-panel): Yaaaawhg!
Neive: You OK?
Andy: No! I touched the bars! With my dick!
Neive: OK, so, magical pain metal. Also, Finbar is right. We'll be stuck in this form for a while. I know what we should do...
Krikit: What?
Neive: Isn't it obvious? We should go to that party!
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