Comic 77 - Neive, hippy

29th Jun 2017, 11:38 AM in Emea's problem
Neive, hippy
Neive, Andy and Krikit walk on as the friendly goblin waves at them.
Neive: You know, as revolting as I find their cocks, I do like their attitude! I wish our species could live together in peace and harmony. We could learn so much from each other!
Andy: Neive, they eat faeries!
Neive: With knife and fork! We can learn their table manners, and they can learn to appreciate squirrel.
Krikit: That word he used...
Neive: Which one?
Krikit: "Scientist". What do you think it means?
Neive: Obviously someone who knows how to make those goblin cocks fit. I can see why that would be a big deal!
They approach the cage.
Neive: Hey, look! I think we've found Gavin and Finbar!
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Author Notes:

The Spun Off Artist 29th Jun 2017, 11:38 AM edit delete
The Spun Off Artist
Expect more Spun Off updates in the near future. I'm doing sort of a challenge to myself to have an update up every day for a month, across the many different comics that I do on ComicFury. Here's how it works:

Every Tuesday and Saturday, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan updates according to a fixed schedule, being in reruns/remasters. I have just completed a series of pages with extensive rework; from here on until September, very little extra work will be needed to keep up with this schedule (but I must plan ahead for September).

Nothing else will be on a fixed schedule. I have nine episodes of AbĂși's Travels ready to go and plan to run those on Mondays and Fridays, but if gaps in the schedule form in any given week, I may schedule more of these comics that week and run out of ready-to-go episodes faster.
The Lives of X!Gloop and Spun Off will fill most of the rest of the week, but there may be the occasional one-pager for White House in Orbit popping up.

And I may add trial pages for new comics into the update mix! However, that will be a last resort as the aim of the exercise is to clear out half-finished work that is still on my desk and wrap up existing projects to make room to focus fully on those new ones.

One more thing that's relevant to today's update and may be relevant to future ones: I asked Aggie Janicot to serve as a second pair of eyes and add some color work. She did, and her additions really improved the page, which I drew last Saturday working through a mild hangover. This is within the rules of the challenge, because part of responsible self-management and Getting Things Done is asking for help when you need it. There may be more updates with work by others; and it's even possible that a specific other artist will bail me out later in the month. It's all good, as long as I post an update every day.
Tomorrow's update will be on AbĂși's Travels.
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THE_BEHOLDER 29th Jun 2017, 4:29 PM edit delete reply
So glad to see these guys back in action! I love Neive's attitude towards the goblins. She sees the good in things!
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