Comic 65 - I've got it!

7th Jul 2013, 5:32 AM in Emea's problem
I've got it!
...but I never got to try it myself. My mother found out, and she was not pleased.
And you didn't throw any of it at the Goblins?
No... the bag was just as I remember it from that day. You know, it wouldn't have worked as a weapon, anyway. Not without the Goblins actively cooperating. They'd need to imagine they were a bunch of squirrels, or mice or pixies or something. Ugh... my nose itches. Sorry. I'VE GOT IT!
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Author Notes:

The Spun Off Artist 7th Jul 2013, 5:32 AM edit delete
The Spun Off Artist
This is ... sort of an homage. Comment if you recognise it.
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THE_BEHOLDER 7th Jul 2013, 5:47 AM edit delete reply
I know it! It's Wickie und die Starken Maenner!
The Spun Off Artist 11th Jul 2013, 1:45 PM edit delete reply
The Spun Off Artist
Got it right on the first try. I thought it'd be really obscure outside certain countries because both my wife and a Swedish friend who I asked about it hadn't heard of it. And the original books the cartoon was based on were Swedish!
THE_BEHOLDER 11th Jul 2013, 9:02 PM edit delete reply
In Germany, every kid who grew up in the 80s knows that TV cartoon. It was very popular!
Lee M 26th Nov 2016, 2:48 AM edit delete reply
Lee M
Vic the Viking in English. The more recent CGI version shows up regularly on British kids' channel Pop.
t 7th Jul 2013, 6:09 AM edit delete reply
Is she going to pull a "Puss In Boots"
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