Comic 56 - Let's face my fears

1st Apr 2013, 6:53 PM in Emea's problem
Let's face my fears
Emea: All right... let's do this. Tea's ready. All right. I'm a little more prepared now. You can take your hands off now. I'm a big girl, I can cope.
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Author Notes:

The Spun Off Artist 1st Apr 2013, 6:53 PM edit delete
The Spun Off Artist
This is the second page I drew digitally from scratch (Sketchbook Pro with post-work, lettering and word balloons in Photoshop), but it'll probably be the last that I do in this specific way, with the traditional-looking grey tones. For this one, things were taking so long to come together that Aggie Janicot offered to bail me out and I accepted. Much of the shading that you actually see is her work, done as an overlay on top of my own crappy shades and highlights.
The next one will probably either be inked and coloured digitally like I've been doing with Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan lately, or it will be done mostly with paper and pencils again.
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Hogan 1st Apr 2013, 8:14 PM edit delete reply
Update! Hoody Hoo! :D

Yeah, it take a big girl to cope... :)
t 2nd Apr 2013, 1:51 AM edit delete reply
So what you're saying here... that, let's just say hypothetically, the Goblins attacked and Finbar got killed trying to protect his village. He would know that Gavin would protect Neive/Keep Neive company after his death?
The Spun Off Artist 2nd Apr 2013, 7:01 AM edit delete reply
The Spun Off Artist
Pretty much, though they'd never have to spell it out to themselves like that. It'd be an assumption baked into the system, so to speak.
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