Comic 51 - You promised WHAT?

8th Oct 2012, 4:21 AM in Emea's problem
You promised WHAT?
Thrashbarg: You promised WHAT?
Aléas: Er... that we'd get five volunteers to go to Wakatonka's village and makebabiesandraisethem
Aléas: He did tell us that Neive, Gavin and Finbar were in trouble...
Thrashbarg: ...which we did find out ourselves through a crow messenger. Anything else?
Aléas: He... er... promised to find out if our Goddess was ... you know...
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The Spun Off Artist 8th Oct 2012, 4:21 AM edit delete
The Spun Off Artist
I may need to take another break after this page. Time will tell.
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Gallstone 10th Oct 2012, 10:04 PM edit delete reply
I like the look of Thrashbarg. He's like a stern <i>pater familias</i>, still five steps ahead of the young'uns and not taking any lip from them. ^^
Hogan 16th Oct 2012, 7:02 PM edit delete reply
Home to face the music :)
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