Comic 37 - Wakatonka drops a bombshell

25th Jul 2012, 4:32 AM in Emea's problem
Wakatonka drops a bombshell
Aléas: So you need a bigger delegation? More women to receive your avatars?
Wakatonka: No, mortal... Next time, I want you to send at least five men, who will BE my avatars.
Aléas: I don't know... you're asking for five men to overcome their fear of the unknown so they can-
Asper: Shag until they drop.
Aléas: That should be doable. Now-
Wakatonka: Wait! I'd also need them to stick around for a while afterwards.
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Gallstone 25th Jul 2012, 7:43 AM edit delete reply
Wow, was my theory about Wakatonka's village needing fresh blood actually correct? ^^

Incidentally, I keep reading his name as 'Wacky Tonker' now...
Hogan 26th Jul 2012, 4:50 PM edit delete reply
I'll say thats an argument that could talk me into overcoming almost anything :)
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