Comic 3 - ZAP

7th May 2012, 3:52 AM in Emea's problem
[Emea talks to the faeries from on high.]
Emea: I've told you before! Take it indoors! Don't do it outside like animals! It's not like I'm overwhelming you with rules. Can't you just-
Neive: We weren't going to do it like ANIMALS!
Finbar: Neive!
Emea: What?
Neive: What we had in mind was a lot more loving... and a lot more complicated!
Gavin: Neive...
[Emea smites Neive by pointing a finger at her and zapping her]
Emea: Hush you!
Neive: YOW!
[Neive crouches down, in pain. Gavin and Finbar support her.]
Emea: Now don't let me catch you at it again. Get a room, is all I ask of you.
Gavin: Yes Goddess. Sorry Goddess.
[Gavin, Neive and Emea stagger off.]
Gavin: Are you all right?
Neive: Yeah, just dizzy is all.
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cattservant 7th May 2012, 9:57 AM edit delete reply
Inscrutable are the ways of the goddess. Or not!
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