Comic 2 - Emea starts on her day.

4th May 2012, 5:32 AM in Emea's problem
Emea starts on her day.
[Emea scratches and looks around, bleerily.]
Emea: Ooh, it's a beautiful day. Good. Lessee... check on my villagers....
[Emea eyes the village over the shrubs. They are going about their business, having presumably been up for a lot longer than their Goddess.]
Emea: All active and accounted for. Good... I need to go manifest to one of them later.
[Emea peers into the distance]
Emea: Goblins keeping their distance... check! Man, I love how easy this job is. Good. Let's go get breakf- OI!
[Emea points at Neive, Gavin and Finbar, who are in the bushes. While they aren't fully visible, they are clearly engaged in foreplay if not actually having sex. They look up, startled, at their Goddess manifesting herself.]
Emea: You! Down there! I don't want to look at that!
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Caught by the voyer from the sky!
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