One more fan art by Cosmic Beholder
by The Spun Off Artist
Cosmic Beholder has been spoiling me with fan art for both Spun Off and Abúi's Travels. Here's his latest, featuring Emea and Wakatonka:

Teatime with the protector gods

Cosmic Beholder wrote:
As it's been a while that Spun-Off is on hiatus and I missed the characters, I have created some fan-art. Since it includes Wakatonka in all his glory I couldn't post it on DeciantArt this time, so I'm sending it to you directly. I hope you'll enjoy it and if you'd like to post it on Spun-Off I'd be honored.

Since I'm already writing this email, I might as well tell you how much I've been enjoying your work online, especially Abui and Spun-Off. It's been inspiring to see your stuff around and I hope that i'll be inspired to continue for many years.

Well... about that.
Right now, Abúi's Travels is updating once every few weeks. This is really about all I can muster at this time: I have a demanding day job which in the past few months has given me leadership responsibilities on two major translation projects for tech companies that you know and whose products you probably use, possibly daily. My hours get very long and are also spent sitting down in front of a computer typing at a keyboard, except when they're spent traveling to the client for face to face contact. I have also put on an alarming amount of weight since I started working for the company 7 years ago, and so I need to set aside time to work some of that off too. Add to that family life, walking the dog, traffic and so on, and there's only enough art time left for me to do that one page every few weeks.

For the past two years, Spun Off has been the summer comic that I work on at the caravan on weekends and during vacations. That is still the plan, but caravan time has been very limited this year and so I don't expect new updates any time soon. Plus, I'm having too much fun working on Abúi's Travels and developing new concepts for it. If you haven't been over there, Neive has recently made an appearance and Aléas will be showing up in a few pages. The two characters in the image above will not, because while it is the same universe, it's a different place in the timeline and some of the nuances for one comic don't work with the other.

You can find Cosmic Beholder's comics on The Cosmic Beholder - I recommend his work very highly!
Two new fanarts by Cosmic Beholder
by The Spun Off Artist
Spun Off may be on hiatus, but that hasn't stopped The Cosmic Beholder from creating two lovely fan arts. As his characters travel between worlds, both also contain characters from other comics:

Webcomics United including Abúi
Webcomics United: This one also features Abúi from Abúi's Travels. This is potentially dangerous for Abúi as meeting faeries from her own world but a generation before puts her at risk of crossing her own time line and causing a time paradox. Luckily, her mother Aléas isn't in this picture. A larger image can be found on the Cosmic Beholder's DeviantArt page.

Spun Off Meets Tales to Behold
Crossovers: Spun Off Meets Tales To Behold: features Wakatonka, Neive, Finbar and Gavin with characters from The Cosmic Beholder's Tales To Behold. A larger image can be found on the Cosmic Beholder's DeviantArt page.

Thanks again, Cosmic Beholder! I enjoyed seeing these images a lot.
Fan art: Hairy Goblin by Aggie Janicot
by The Spun Off Artist
Another fan art by my lovely wife, Aggie Janicot AKA Skycladstrega AKA Rona! She drew this hairy goblin a few months ago while we were out at our caravan by the lake.
Yes, that pouch is what you think it is

Aggie has a new comic out at Square One Comics. The full version of this hairy goblin girl is at her DeviantArt site (login required for NSFW images).
No new comic this week, but have some fan art
by The Spun Off Artist
Life has caught up with me again this week, with my day job leaving me no time and energy to work on your favourite naked faerie comic. This is likely to continue, so we're going to take another break again, just like last year. After that, Spun Off is going to appear on its fall/winter schedule of "whenever a page is ready".

To tide you over, we'll have some fan art and other stuff in the blog.

To start with, here's something that Cosmic Beholder made a few months ago. It's cute, and it reminds me that it's time to check up on Aléas, Scallop and Asper again.

The faerie protector gods Emea and Wakatonka watching over the naked faeries Aléas, Scallop and Asper

Full image here via The Cosmic Beholder's DeviantArt page.
On a question that was asked many months ago
by The Spun Off Artist
In the comments for Page 29, reader T asked:
Are Neive, Finbar and Gavin in a loving threesome relationship or are they just good friends who like casual sex?

and my answer was
I'm going to get to that eventually but it's somewhere inbetween. They would argue it's the same thing, anyway.

Mostly I think it would have been Neive arguing that it's the same thing. However, I have had this question on my mind again, since I read this article in The Atlantic: When Taking Multiple Husbands Makes Sense. I'm now leaning more definitely to their relationship being a committed polyandrous one, because the society these faeries have is pretty much exactly the kind that this article refers to: one in which (some of) the men are exposed to a lot of danger from hunting and warfare. Also, considering how different Neive looks from Aleas, it should be quite clear that their mother, too, had two different men in her life at roughly the same time. I think it would be fun to explore that a little more.