Return on Sep. 3 and new comic schedule
by The Spun Off Artist
Spun Off will return on September 3 as planned. The bad news is that the schedule will be cut to one comic a week, updating on Mondays. Ever since I launched Spun Off here on ComicFury in May, I've been able to produce one comic a week on average, so any more than that will lead to my buffer being eaten up and result in further interruptions in the schedule.

If you want a daily fix of my work, please follow the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan reruns here on ComicFury. Also, there'll be a short-run project coming up pretty soon here on a new ComicFury website, as part of something known as the Crossover and Cameo Caper. This will consist of a rerun of 10 episodes drawn in 2006, plus a new 10-page vignette leading into the Caper proper. Naked faeries will be involved. The organiser of the Caper has talked about hosting all the comics that are featured on another ComicFury site as well, so it'll be easier to follow than previous editions of the Caper. There'll be more news about that when I'm ready.
Taking a break!
by The Spun Off Artist
Spun Off is taking a few weeks off to recharge. We'll be back on September 3, probably with a slower update schedule. Sorry to spring this on you, but there are unforeseen matters I have to attend to.
Portrait of Neive, 2010
by The Spun Off Artist
Neive, a naked faerie with messy hair

Portrait of Neive from 2010. The basic pose was used for her cast portrait two years later.
Neive rear view, 2009
by The Spun Off Artist
Rear view of Neive, 2009

Rear view of Neive, drawn during early development, probably 2009.
Early development portrait of Neive, 2009
by The Spun Off Artist
Pencil drawing of Neive from Spun Off, 2009

One of the first drawings I did of Neive back in 2009. I was staying in Tennessee at the time and while I wasn't doing a lot of comics, I did do a lot of sketches. I will start posting some of these as non-comic-day updates on this here blog in the next few weeks.