Neive rear view, 2009
by The Spun Off Artist
Rear view of Neive, 2009

Rear view of Neive, drawn during early development, probably 2009.
Early development portrait of Neive, 2009
by The Spun Off Artist
Pencil drawing of Neive from Spun Off, 2009

One of the first drawings I did of Neive back in 2009. I was staying in Tennessee at the time and while I wasn't doing a lot of comics, I did do a lot of sketches. I will start posting some of these as non-comic-day updates on this here blog in the next few weeks.
Neive by Yonaka Yamako
by The Spun Off Artist
Nude faerie Neive by Yonaka Yamako

Neive by Yonaka Yamako. This was actually a commissioned piece (at a bargain price!) done two years ago as part of the development process for the comic. I wanted to have some third-party visualisations of the character, and Yonaka was available. She did a great job! I love her pencil technique.
Neive by Aggie Janicot
by The Spun Off Artist
Pencil drawing of Neive, by Aggie Janicot

Neive, as drawn by Aggie Janicot last week.
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan book announcement
by The Spun Off Artist
July 21, 2012: This is about my other webcomic, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, but it is big news that I want to share with everyone. I just posted the following there:

The Rite of Serfdom remasters are now done, at long last. All 342 existing episodes have been given a makeover, with new lettering, new more organic looking gutters, a size upgrade, a colour depth upgrade and more. "More" varies from little bits of touchup here and there to a complete redraw of a whole page or even a sequence of pages. One thing left to do is the addition of one page to a redrawn sequence, because upon rereading, the scene seemed to shift too quickly. That will get done in the next week or so.

And then it'll be time for the next stage of this big project! I will have 343 high-res, full-colour master files with lettering, plus one cover illustration done years ago that was never included in the archives. What am I going to do with them? Why, I'm going to make a book! With the help of Aggie Janicot, who is now interning at a graphic design shop to bring her expertise on digital publishing and printing up to date, I plan to release The Rite of Serfdom in multiple formats, including both ebooks and print. We still need to figure out a lot, including such burning questions as "What's possible?" and "How can we make it work without breaking the bank?", and we still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are pushing ahead with this, one way or another. If you want to read more as we work on this, and if you want to find out more about our other work in progress, join the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan Facebook page or follow RoguesClwydRhan on Twitter; both channels are updated very frequently with the latest news.

This is a very exciting project for us to be working on. All we have at this time is the materials, a tentative release date and the sweat of our brows. We will keep everyone posted as we work past each milestone for the release.