by The Spun Off Artist
I now have a Tumblr. The first two posts on it feature some camera shots ofSpun off and Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan artwork that will be posted on their respective sites in the next few weeks. The Spun Off ones in particular are a bit more involved than what's currently running here, which is good. It means that I'm pushing myself a little bit, art-wise, with the forthcoming episodes.
One week old
by The Spun Off Artist
Comic is one week old! We had our first big pageview peak on Monday with 210 views, which would be nice to build on. Thanks everyone for reading!
Launch on May 2
by The Spun Off Artist
In my head, the launch date has been pushed back to May 2 for a few weeks now. But I forgot to mention this on the blog. Sorry about that. We're on course to launch tomorrow.
Preparing for launch
by The Spun Off Artist
I've removed the test pages and will be uploading new cast pictures tonight. After some editing of the "Cast" and "About" pages, we'll be ready for launch!
Phantom updates
by The Spun Off Artist
I plan to start the comic properly on April 30, 2012, so exactly one month from today. However, before then, some fake updates may appear in RSS feeds and on the ComicFury home page, because I will be testing the lay-out with images of different sizes. ComicFury recommends keeping the comic images at 800px wide or less, but my feeling on this is that right now, it's a good idea to go as big as possible, because in a few years' time, on computer and tablet screens, 800 px is going to look tiny.

I've also been looking around at the comics on ComicFury to see how the "No porn" rule translates into actual community standards. It looks like Spun Off should be OK - while the comic is the most sexually explicit (in places!) I've ever put online, there are comics that go much further. Good to know.