Group of nude faeries

Spun Off is not safe for work

This is not the front page for the Spun Off webcomic, but a landing page. The front page, which is here, has the latest comic on it, as front pages should. However, because Spun Off has some content that is not suitable for workplaces, or for younger readers, some sites on which this comic advertises prefer it if we put up a landing page, so that people who click on those ads can be warned. The cast picture on the left, then, should serve as a visual warning: characters in this comic are naked, and while the group picture here is still perfectly innocent, sometimes the story takes these naked characters into sexual situations. There's also a fair amount of bad language and violence in the comic; depending on where you work, or who is responsible for bringing you up if you're a young'un, this may or may not be acceptable. The world is a diverse place; do not take anything for granted.

Now, if you want, proceed to the comic, or browse the blog, cast page or About page.